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Americas Transportation is your local transportation company with almost 20-years experience, offering favorable rates and experienced staff. Contact us for your transportation needs including:

   Charter Services:
We provide charter services for large groups throughout Florida. Our charters vary from same day tours to multiple day tours. We specialize in group charters for churches, schools, family reunions, sporting events, group tours, employee shuttles and much more. We follow group itineraries and tours for our customers’ needs and enjoyment.

   Safeguard Services:
Providing Safeguard Services has given us the experience to deal with security issues that may occur while providing transportation services. In the event of a security emergency our staff is trained and prepared to contact the appropriate authorities and services in a timely manner while handling the incident with a professional and calm demeanor. It is our mission to make sure all passengers are transported courteously and safely to their destination.

   Medical Transportation:
In the event of a medical emergency of any passenger our staff is trained and prepared to contact the appropriate authorities and services in a timely manner while keeping safety procedures in place with minimal interruptions to regular service.

   Cruise Line Industry:
Miami-Dade County’s 2.5 million residents comprise a “melting pot” of various cultures and beliefs. Our unique experience transporting thousands of cruise-line guests, and crew members from all over the world has given us the cultural understanding to meet the unique needs of the residents in our community and abroad.

   Emergency Evacuation Services:
We are "Prepare Florida" trained and certified, ready to effectively handle emergency situations. In the event that Miami Dade County declares an emergency our staff and resources will be made available for evacuation purposes, first responder transportation or any other function required by the County.

   Crew Transportation:
The cruise ships have over two thousand crew members working on board depending on the size of the vessel. To maintain a fresh crew, the crew is rotated on a weekly basis while in port. We provide the transportation for the signing off and signing on crew. ATC has experience transporting over 200 crew members per ship for up to 8 separate ships simultaneously in four different port cities (Miami, Everglades, Canaveral, Tampa) all originating from Miami.

   Safeguard Services:
We provide a security officer to secure and ensure that crew members, separated from their employment contract (termination, compassionate, resignation) with the cruise lines, as required by customs and border protection be escorted to the airport and provide confirmed departure obtained from the departing airline. Our staff will provide the transportation from the seaports and our security officers will ensure departure by obtaining a proof of departure stamp from the airline which confirms that the crew member was on-board the airplane that left the country.

   Guest Services:
We provide pre and post transportation services to the cruise lines. For guests that arrive with a pre-vacation stay, we provide the airport to hotel transfer and day of transfer from hotel to seaport. For guests with post vacation stay, we provide day of seaport to hotel transfers and day of departure transfers from the various hotels to the airport. We transport over 250,000 cruise guests annually.

   Shuttle Services:
Americas Transportation provides shoreside medical shuttle for crew members, requiring medical attention, to and from South Miami Hospital to the various ships in port.

   Emergency Evacuation Services:
We provide transportation services for different municipalities around South Florida in the event of an emergency. We evacuate people from Monroe to Brevard count depending on the need. Americas Transportation has the capability to transport different EMS crews to sites of devastation (hurricane, tornadoes, and major flood areas) in order to provide medical help and transport supplies for the needy.
We also offer cruise lines, in the Caribbean region with crew and guest care. We provide transportation for accidents that occur in the Caribbean and offer transportation to Miami for care. We also provide non-ambulatory and family transportation to hospitals for guests and crew that are air lifted to Miami.

   Charter Services:
America’s Transportation provides ground transportation services to different organizations that charter our buses for various reasonsand occasions. Many of our charters consist of: School charters for grad night or sporting events, church and travel agency charters for people vacationing through-out the United States. Our charters can include single day charters and multi day charters. Locations vary depending on the request.

   Public Transportation:
We are proud to work with Miami-Dade Transit operating Route 301/302 Dade Monroe and Card Sound Express. This is a line run from Florida City to Marathon Key operating 365 days a week, 20 hours daily. We also provide transportation to The City of Miami Public Parks for their summer camp programs. Our vans transport the children in the public parks programs to events throughout the City of Miami. We also worked with Port Miami providing public transportation services to the cruise line guests that are traveling on ships. It is a public shuttle service to the guests from the ships to the various parking lots in order to get to their vehicles when ships berth at different terminals.

   Canaveral and Tampa Service:
We can provide commuter service for crew from Miami to the Ports of Tampa and Canaveral. With this service, the cruise lines experience a cost savings from airfare in busing the crew. For the Port of Canaveral, the cruise lines experience a savings on airfare, and transfers from Orlando to Canaveral. We can deliver the crew from Miami to Canaveral in the same amount of time that is required to fly including a breakfast stop. Over the years this has proven to be a safe and reliable method of transportation.

   Trolley Services:
America’s Transportation provides the trolley shuttle to the City of BalHarbour. It is a fixed line run that operates daily throughout the city.

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