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Safeguard America, Inc. was created in June 1998 by Steven Masdeu. His vision was to provide crew transportation and safeguard services to the cruise line industry. Safeguard services is the process of repatriating crew members to their country of origin. Over the years, crew transportation has grown from vans providing shuttle transportation service to the ports to full size motor coaches serving the ports of Miami, Everglades, Tampa and Canaveral. Safeguard America, Inc. modified its name to include a doing business as Americas Transportation.com when we began to provide transportation to the cruise line guests and private charters visiting greater Miami and the beaches.
Steven Masdeu owner of Safeguard America, Inc. d/b/a Americas Transportation.com was born and raised in Miami Dade County and established his business in Miami employing residents of Miami Dade County. His vision and admiration for transportation has developed over the last 13 years with sustainable and moderate growth and his organization currently employs over 75 workers in several different capacities.

This venture began with contracts that allowed the company to provide roundtrip transportation to crewmembers that worked on board the Celebrity Cruise and Carnival Cruise lines. By June 2000, the business expanded to begin transporting crewmembers that resided in Miami-Dade County to and from the Port of Tampa and Canaveral. Currently, Americas Transportation.com transports over 260,000 passengers per year.

Through our safeguard services, cruise lines have contracted us to provide escort services to crewmembers when they have been terminated or severed their employment with their respective employers. Due to federal regulations, when crew members are released from employment they are placed under safeguard and must be escorted by an airport or security officer and remains the former crew member until they board the plane returning back to their respective homeland. We have captured more than 50% of the market providing the safeguard service in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This has afforded us to develop relationships with several different nationalities.

In August of 2005, we expanded our base to include the most rewarding task, providing guest transportation services to the many cruise passenger tourists that frequent the Greater Miami area and the beaches for cruises. We provide roundtrip service to the airport, hotel and the ports of Miami and Everglades. Even though the cruise lines hire us, we look at each passenger as an Americas Transportation.com guest and it is our responsibility to make this portion of his or her vacation as pleasant, comfortable and effortless as possible. Thereafter, we expanded to include private charters using our fleet of buses. We have traveled throughout Florida and the Southeast US to provide private charters for a wide variety of customer requests, from Marines visiting a Fort in North Carolina to students going to Grad Night in Orlando, FL. Over the life of the company, Americas Transportation.com has transported more than 3.3 million crewmembers, cruise passengers and local guests.

Our Mission Statement, “To provide safe, reliable, courteous and affordable transportation for our guest and customers” permeates through our 75 families, to the client, to the crewmembers and to the wonderful guests from Miami-Dade County.