Covid 19

Enhanced Sanitization Protocols

Americas Transportation, Health and prevention protocol for workers and passengers so that their trip is safe and pleasant on the road..

Everyone must keep the mask and the safety space.
Keeping our vehicles clean is only half the battle now! Now we clean the interior of the vehicle thoroughly with disinfectant.

At America's Transportation, we take pride in the appearance of our passenger buses, they are washed thoroughly at the beginning of their routes each day, we believe passengers have the right to feel safe and comfortable during their commutes and a clean coach can alleviate any apprehensions about public. Transit from the exterior to the interiors, our technicians take added precautions for everyone's safety to make sure all of the details are covered, from luggage hatches to the disabled safety lifts, everything is thoroughly wiped down we even replaced the complimentary hand sanitizer at the passenger's entrance to the coach the driver's cockpit is thoroughly sanitized the passenger section of the coach receives added attention as there are more high touch surfaces therefore designated seats are marked off to provide more space for each rider we freshen up wipe down and sanitize all areas of the seats the overhead bins and support handles are wiped down as well for any surface in the passenger seating area even the light switches safety first at America's Transportation.